•An international award winning radio theater creator (writer, director, engineer, sound effects creator, music composer)


•A professional theater artist who has worked internationally on more than 400 productions (as sound designer, sound engineer, administrator, supervisor, adviser, instructor, consultant)


•I am a proven, exceptional teacher.  I have built and run departments.  




•Are you producing a full scale professional musical with dozens of actors, a budget of tens of thousands of dollars and top end equipment? (click here and here for demo)


•Are you rehearsing in your apartment, with one PC laptop and a budget of zero? (click here for demo)


•Or anywhere in between? (click here for all the demos!)


•Do you want it to sound better? (click here and here for demo)


•Do you need custom made music? Of any type? (click herehereherehere and here for demos)


•Do you need skillful and imaginative sound engineering? The kind that can seamlessly solve all sorts of problems?  (click here and here for demos)


•Do you need a sound design that works with your ideas, that fits right in with what you have already created? (click for demo)


•Do you need a special collaborator, someone with the bust out idea? (click hereherehere for demo)


•Do you need someone to teach even absolute beginners about sound? 


•Do you need someone to manage your sound department?


•Sounds like you need me (click here for bio)