Brian MacQueen Sound Design Demos 

MSND: How do you want to do it? 5 different versions of one Lullaby...

Galileo: Time Piece...(60 seconds of scene change!...)

Cymbeline: Jupiter Descends...(30 seconds of irony!...)

MSND: Athens - a different music, from a different musical theory:  a theory of "one"

Murnau's Faust: a scene underscored by music (rough demo for a movie...)

Baal: Supercomposition - 5 Versions of 1 Song....(until Bob Dylan sings Dylan Thomas)

Murnau's Faust - same scene underscored by sounds (rough demo for movie)

Miss Saigon: Landing the helicopter on the stage (real-time audio computer program...)

The Misanthrope: 2 Rooms. 2 Worlds.  (recomposing Scarlati. special recording tech.)

MSND: The Forest - How to Hide Magic Everywhere

Macbeth: The Totalitarian Sound of Steel...(a sound behind the sound you hear...)

The Infinite Regress of Human Vanity: "Practicals" (extra real sounds, triggered by actors...)

MSND: Humor in this comedy: How do we make it funny...?

The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe: The great big punk Unclub...

Suicide(s) in Vegas: Designing Custom Computer Playback ...

Scrooge: A Haunting...

Titus Andronicus: Making the Earth Answer...(Interference waves resonate the theater)