Brian MacQueen Spatial Sound

How to do better than stereo sound!


**How does this sound relate to existing dimensional sound like ambisonics?


...Making a change in the recording and playback of sound effects millions of things everywhere...


Use the link below to open your PC's web browser,


... then open the "SpatialPC.exe" inside the folder


It will open with on-screen instructions.  


Follow them to turn on Spatial sound


Spatial sound will play through your speakers - it sounds good! - but for the real effect, listen through your stereo headphones or stereo earbuds...


There you will hear a sound that is more than left and right.  


Spatial sound is from all around you


And you don't have to take my word for it -  you can put this new sound to the test of your own ears!


This download allows you to compare Spatial sound with an exactly synched version of the same sound in standard Stereo!  


In real time!  


While you are listening!


Go back and forth between the two, just by clicking on the lowercase "s" key of your computer's keyboard, whenever and however often you want to!


How does this compare to ambisonics?


**Ambisonics rely on a multi channel audio file recorded by a special ambisonic microphone and process.  This Spatial sound can create the effects of ambisonics without needing a special audio file (it can use a pre-existing standard mono, or even stereo file), or the need to have the sound specially recorded.


Note how big a deal this is: in order to make use of standard ambisonics, you must make a recording that is specific to all of your potential needs - that covers all the possibilities of what might happen, so that the sound can be able to change in a way that the listener recognizes as being real


Bit this Spatial sound automatically adds the Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) and the psychoacoustic properties to a sound, so that if the listeners moves, or the sound source moves, the sound automatically shifts.  Which is more in line with the changes found in games or VR.  And how we all naturally listen


Hear this for yourself...


Hear at last...!